Template:NewCharacterBox "M." is one of the main protagonists in We're Over Here.

Personality Edit

M. is always stressed and focused on her studies, when she isn't with the rest of the gang, she's always studying, she acts cold and is serious about everything she does.

Appearance Edit

M. has a thick body, she's the shortest one of the group(not counting the twins). She has short black and pink short hair with long, choppy bangs over the left side of her face. She also has light warm skin.

She normally wears a dark pink over-sized long sleeved shirt that show her elbows and two black spaghetti sleeves, she also wears dark purple leggings and black tigh-high boots. She also has a black choker with her item in it.

With Weaponry Edit

When her powers are activated, she wears robotic boots that cover her whole legs with flower petal patterns, she also has robotic arms with similar patterns that cover her whole arms. She also has a blue visor for her visible eye and her bangs are neat and wavy.

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Item Edit

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200x200px M's item is rose red in the shape of a flower, it's normally placed in her choker.

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